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Online services

If you already have your username and password, please click on the following link to access the online services:



Obtaining online access

To use this service patients registered with the practice will have to obtain a username and password. 

This is a one-off process that involves you coming to the surgery and requesting this information. In the interests of patient confidentiality and security our reception staff will need to check photo identification prior to giving you your user name and password therefore please remember to bring this with you.

Once you have been issued with your user name and password you can start accessing the online facilities by clicking on the link below.  Once you are logged on you will be able to book up to 2 appointments, up to 6 weeks in advance with any of our GPs with available slots.  You can also cancel any appointments that you have with the surgery.

Please note at present online booking is only available for GP appointments.

You can also request prescriptions online.

From March 2016 patients will be able to request online access to their records (only coded entries can be seen at this time). 


Online Services for children under 16

In light of the new functions of the online service we have had to review confidentiality procedures. We have taken into account a recent publication from the Royal College of General Practitioners and the advice they have given. As a result we have concluded that we can no longer offer online services to patients under 16. We understand that this may be disappointing for some patients and apologise for any inconvenience it causes however we have to take these measures to ensure that confidentiality policies are carefully met.



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Any advice published on this website is intended as additional information for registered patients only. It is not intended as a substitute for seeking advice from a GP where necessary and appropriate.