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T:01536 522633   121 Lower Street, Kettering, Northants, NN16 8DN.

How to See a Doctor


All attendances at the Surgery are by appointment, except in the case of emergency.  To make an appointment, ask at the reception desk or telephone on 522633 or register to book selected appointments on line.  Help us to give you the most convenient time by using the booking system appropriately:

Forward Booking
If you have been asked to come back and see a doctor, future appointments are limited and must be booked well in advance. 

Routine Appointments
Routine appointments are available for booking 24 hours in advance. From March 2015 we offer some appointments bookable at 08:00 and also a number will be available for booking at 13:00. This is subject to availability. When we are short-staffed, appointments are embargoed until the day.

Same Day Appointments
Appointments for immediate (not routine) problems only.

Urgent Consultations
If you have an urgent medical problem and all available appointments have been booked, the receptionist will ask you to attend as a "Medical Emergency".  You will be advised of the time to come to the surgery to wait and be fitted in with the first available doctor.

For routine or urgent consultations, please ring early in the day, our telephone lines are busy but if you get a ringing tone please hold on - we will answer your call as soon as we possibly can.

If our booking system is inappropriate for you for a particular reason, please share this with our reception team - they will always try to accommodate special needs.

Please remember to cancel an unwanted appointment - another patient may need it.

Home VisitsHome Visits
Please do not ask for a home visit if it is at all possible to attend at the Centre.  The facilities for examination and treatment are better and the less time a doctor spends in travelling, the more time is available for patients.  Visits should be requested before 10.00 a.m.  To help the doctor, the receptionist will ask for brief details of the illness and a contact telephone number.  It is ultimately up to the Doctor to decide if a home visit is needed and this will be based on medical need only.  A request for a home visit does not guarantee a home visit, the doctor may telephone the patient and make alternative arrangements.


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